By Jeff Probst
#6829 Congrats!

Final Tribal will start at 8c/9e on Sunday, we can start earlier, the earlier the better as it is likely to run late.

Please write your final tribal speech and post it in your confessionals. Feel free to post it as many times as you need to edit.

Remember we are on a time crunch so keep that in mind when answering, the jurors have been prepped to not ask you things that will require too too much time, although feel free to answer as comprehensively as you see fit.

The winner reveal will be Monday followed by a reunion and lots of post game fun.

See you all then!!!
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Jeff Probst

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By Heidi
Jeff Probst wrote:
Heidi wrote:What if everyone isn't here at 8?

We'll play it by ear but likely we'll move forward and hope they show up.

Do they forfeit their votes if they don't?
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